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Software Engineer


Hi, my name is Hajime Shiozawa ("塩澤 元" in Japanese). I’m a software engineer in Tokyo. I have nearly 10 years of hands-on experiences in software development and wide-range strong skills in mobile app and web technology; Java, Android, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AWS.

Now I am a engineer at PLAID. I develop web-based SaaS application KARTE, a new Customer Experience (CX) platform. Prior to joining PLAID, I led development of a mobile app Scene: Organize & Share Photos at Ripplex. Scene has been downloaded more than five million times and nominated for Google Play best apps two times. Before that, I was a software engineer at Fixstars. I developed middleware for financial applications

See my LinkedIn profile for more career details.

I love productivity hacks and tools, Pomodoro Technique, Getting Things Done (GTD), The Cycle System, Todoist, Evernote and so on. I always seek to a new way to improve my productivity. Please let me know if you know good hacks or tools to improve productivity 😆.